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16 April 2013

DTX Complex- Shaklee Difference

Assalammualaikum wth...
Kakma ingin kongsikan kelebihan DTX Complex Shaklee ini:

Shaklee Difference:

Research indicates that the primary ingredients in DTX Complex, milk thistle seed extract, supports the body’s normal ability to make proteins that help regenerate liver cells.

DTX Complex is an excellent choice of a potent standardized extract of milk thistle seed (80% silymarin).
It contains a uniquely Enhanced Proprietary Blend with extracts of Schizandra and reishi mushrooms,
Herbs with antioxidant properties, and extracts of dandelion, turmeric, and artichoke, herbs that help maintain the normal bile flow.

The largest internal organ in the body, the liver is also the only organ capable of regenerating itself. For example, a heart attack can create permanent damage to the heart muscle. By contrast, heavy alcohol consumption can damage the liver, but abstaining from alcohol gives the liver a chance to repair itself. You could think of the liver as a kind of INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING PLANT for the body, performing a wide range of critical functions for physical maintenance and repair.

Function of the liver:
1. Secretion of bile- this fluid is stored in the gallbladder for release when needed for digestion.
Bile is necessary for the digestion of fats; it breaks down into small globules. Bile also assists
in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,F,K, and helps to assimilate calcium. In addition,
bile convert beta carotene to vitamin A.

2. Acts as a detoxifier- protein metabolism and bacterial fermentation of food in the intestines
produces the by-product ammonia, which is detoxified by the liver. The liver regulates protein
metabolism. In addition to detoxifying ammonia, the liver also combines toxic substances
including metabolic waste, insecticide residues, drugs, alcohol, and chemicals with other substances
that are less toxic. These substances are then excreted from the kidneys. Thus in order to have proper
liver function, you must also have proper kidney function.

3. Regulating blood sugar levels- by converting thyroxine, a thyroid hormone, into its more active form.
Inadequate conversion by the liver may lead to hypothyroidism. The liver creates GTF
(glucose tolerance factor) from chromium and glutathione. GTF is required for insulin to regulate
blood sugar levels properly. Excess sugar will be stored in the body as glycogen, and then converted
back to sugar when needed for energy. The liver also breaks down hormones like adrenalin, estrogen
and insulin after they have performed their needed functions.

4. Important in fat metabolism- in the synthesis of fatty acids from amino acids and sugars, in the
production of lipoprotein, cholesterol and phospholipids, and in the oxidation of fat to produce energy.
Finally, excess food is converted to fat in the liver, which is then transported to the fatty tissues
of the body for storage.

Who need DTX Complex more?

Not enough sleep/sleep late
Anxiety or hot tempered
Love fried and spicy food
Smoker or drinker
Long term medication
Rough and dull nails
Hydrated/ mouth ulcer
High cholesterol
Tired easily
Yellowish eyes
Hepatitis carrier
High blood pressure
Bad breath, dry mouth
Tumour or cancer
Body odour

Milk thistle seedYes(351 mg)
ArtichokeYes (75mg)
TurmericYes (75mg)

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